Customer Service Words to Avoid



An article by Bob Walters

If you want to stand out from the crowd in the area of customer service, it starts with getting rid of any unprofessional words and phrases you may be currently using, and start using customer service words that paint you as a world class property management professional.

• “Hold on”
   Use “May I place you on hold?”

• “I’ll check if he’s in, who is calling?”
   Use “He’s out of the office until 2pm, may I have your name and I will have him call you when he returns?”

• “She’s gone for the day”
   Use “She had a late afternoon appointment and won’t be returning to the office until tomorrow morning”

• “I don’t know where he is”
   Use “He is at a meeting with a client”

• “I’m not sure when she will be back”
   Use “She will be returning to the office at 3pm, can I ask her to call you before the close of business today?”

• “He is busy at the moment”
   Use “He is currently in a meeting with a client”

• “It’s not my fault”
   Use “I’m very sorry this situation occurred”

• “Myrtle made the mistake”
   Use “It seems we have let you down badly, let me resolve this for you now”

• “Hi” or “Hello”
   Use “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening”

• “Okay”
   Use “Certainly, My Pleasure, I would be happy to”

• “How can I help you?”
   Use “How may I assist you?”

• “Bye” or “See you later”
   Use “Have a pleasant day (or evening)”

• “I’m sorry”
   Use “Please forgive me”, “Please accept my apology”