Say ‘Seasons Greetings’ or ‘Thank you’ to Your Clients in an Unforgettable Way!

Dixie Walters BWT

An article by Dixie Walters.

When we think of handwritten Christmas or thank you cards we possibly think back to our grandparent’s era. There are still very modern proactive businesses existing today using these forms of communication very effectively.

Why not consider standing out from the other businesses in your area and to your current and prospective clients? We are constantly being bombarded with broadcast marketing materials – think outside the box and go back to basics. Consider sending a simple personalized Christmas card this year and make it stand out as a fantastic marketing tool and a positive point of difference.

With the technology available to you these days, you should be able to find the right image, graphic and message within your office budget.

Here’s a few simple steps to follow:

Take some time to brain storm the impression you want to portray. Possibly choose a generic image to work with for your Christmas or ‘Seasons Greetings’ message.

Choose a message that reinforces your corporate image and culture. You will want this card to compliment your current branded marketing collateral, make it memorable.

The salutation ‘Dear’ is preferred when writing to someone in a professional manner.

Finish by mentioning your desire to stay in touch. Remember, this is not a sales pitch.

If you are arranging to have a number of these cards printed off – make sure that you ‘greet’ and ‘sign’ each individual card personally. Also the envelopes should be hand written without any branding! Another option is to use ‘coloured’ hand written envelopes.

Prepare early and have them ready for use to enable the process to run quick, easy, on time and professional.

Hand delivering a Christmas card and/or possibly attaching a small gift can add extra impact.

Remember this advice is for Christmas cards, however why not get in practice with personally sending ‘thank you’ cards also? It won’t be long before you will find you are spreading your marketing materials in a positive way around your business associates and reaping the benefits of standing out in your community.

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