The Bob Walters Team (BWT) is a group of experienced property management practitioners...

...helping real estate agency owners maximise the performance of their property management businesses and at helping property management teams reach new levels of performance


Lisa Pentland Headshot sandstoneLisa learnt the hard way that being a highly successful real estate salesperson does not automatically qualify you as a great leader and business manager. As her business rapidly grew, so did Lisa’s frustrations.

Dissatisfied with being told what was and was not achievable in Property Management, Lisa developed a dogged determination to bust all the myths and low level practices widely considered as acceptable within our industry. And so...  Lisa commenced a major overhaul of her own property management business, piece by piece she completely disassembled it, developing an intricate understanding of each part and reassembling it until finally, it emerged as a highly efficient, stress free customer centric machine she could be proud of.

Lisa’s passion now, is to empower other business owners and their teams to challenge the status quo, to not compromise on their commitment to provide services they can be proud of, enjoy rewarding careers and ultimately build the business that will help them realise the lifestyle they dreamed of when they first decided to become the leaders of their own destiny.

Lisa has identified the “3 P’s” of the Property Management business as “Purpose, Process and Profit” and has a series of strategies she successfully uses to work with business owners and their teams.

If you would like to better identify or communicate and implement your business strategy, please get in touch.

Lisa can be contacted on:

M: 0415 614 623


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