Take control now and move to the next level of success!

We can show you how to perform with a Property Management Business Health Check!

  1. Know what is holding back your performance so you can move to the next level of profitability, growth, performance and efficiency.

  2. Understand what you need to do to take control of your department, reverse any crisis and get back your sanity and peace of mind!

  3. Launch to the next level with a detailed report and action plan so you get absolute clarity of what needs to be done!

  4. Know exactly how much extra fee income you could be missing out on with the business you have right now!

For a full day, we examine every area of your department, leaving no stone unturned and deliver to you a comprehensive 'flight plan' to take you to the next level in efficiency, performance, growth and profitability! Get in contact with us today!

Over a complete day we take a real close look at:

  • Property quality, location, distance, type and unprofitable landlords to establish how much of your business could be costing you money and 'wearing down' your staff.
  • Reasons for possible high staff turnover, and what you can do about it!
  • Your current fee structure and potential for further fee income and profitability.
  • Your current profitability levels and staffing structure- how much can this be improved?
  • Trust accounting and reconciliation - report and assess any fraud risks.
  • Your current systems and procedures - are you as efficient as what you could be?
  • Department control and management reporting - what else should you be knowing about?
  • What else you could be doing for marketing your services and rent roll growth strategies - what more could you be doing to accelerate your growth.
  • Are your rent arrears levels creating unnecessary problems and crisis?
  • How consistent and thorough are your property inspections?
  • How tight are your repairs and maintenance procedures, and can you be improving them?
  • How good is your client and customer service levels and communication?
  • Potential litigation and staff fraud weakness points.

We construct an impressive and comprehensive report outlining where you are at currently, and deliver specific written recommendations so you can take your department to the best levels in Australia today!

Do something about it RIGHT NOW! 

For fee information contact Bob Walters bob@bwt.com.au or 0416 267 422.

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